Gopherville’s Matty Kappins maybe on cable tv!



Matty Kappins, the daughter of Ralph and Maude, will soon be seen on the new  Hallmark  series Bopkins (assuming  the show gets picked up). In episode 5 Barney solves the case of the dead girlfriend with the help of local actress Matty who plays an policewoman “Tina” on the show. Bopkins is about detective named Barney Bopkins who has a knack for finding the bad guys, every time: it doesn’t matter if they are hiding in the attic, pretending to be an upright citizen, or taking a vacation – if you commit a murder, Detective Bopkins will find you. Bopkins also teaches important life lessons to the show’s characters.

“You were right, detective; he is at his girlfriend’s house. Let’s go!” Matty delivers  these words in the episode with such feeling that this reporter was tempted to jump into his Chevy Cavalier in the same way that Tina (Mattie)  and detective Bopkins  jump into a  police sedan!  The detective and Tina (our Maddy)  were at the girlfriend’s house  by the time the show returned after a commercial break.  When no one answers the door, Matty (playing Tina) looks into the window  and immediately calls Detective Botkins over upon spotting a lifeless leg.

Later in the show, Detective Botkins notices Tina (Mattie)  sitting at her desk looking upset — and boy did Mattie get into her role!  Botkins learns that Tina and her mother, whose picture is on Tina’s desk,  have been fighting and Barney suggests that she (Tina, who’s played by Mattie)  give her mom a  call.  Mattie picks up the phone and dials, and a moment later says “I’m sorry, Mom.  Listen, do you want to meet for lunch? ” while giving Barney a teary smile. (The person on the other end  was not really Matty’s mother, of course, but Tina’s, and there wasn’t actually anyone on the phone at all, because Matty was just acting.)

Noneone in Gopherville is surprised at Mattie’s latest achievement.  We all remember Matty’s superb acting ability playing “Pure” in  the 2010 production at  Gopherville High of  “As Pure as the Driven Snow,” Annie in the 2011 production of “Annie Oakley”  by the park district, and Mame in the Gopherville High production of “Aunty Mame.”

Mrs. Kappins told us that by  getting this role, her daughter has become  qualified to join SAG, an actors union. There is a possibility that the role in combination with her background work might even qualify her to earn unemployment as an actress!  However, until she qualifies for unemployment or becomes a major star, Matty has told her real mom that she plans to keep working as a waitress at the DinDin Restaurant in West Los Angeles.

Accompanying this story is Matty’s most recent head-shot. Mrs. Kappins said that she has around 50 of them, signed, to distribute to anyone who wants one.  This is the time to grab them up — they’ll be valuable soon!


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