AROUND TOWN: Renovations at Farmer’s Market are a Hit!

Last weekend our renovated Farmer’s Market opened with the new high ceiling over the stalls, protecting Gophervillans  even if it rains.  With the added coverage, plans are that the market can stay open through the holidays, selling holiday wares.

The design and construction of the roof was done by Roger Raddicar who recently visited Dallas and was inspired by a unique place called “The Shed.”  Roger said, “I walked into the The Shed while visiting my daughter who lives in Dallas with her husband and little girl, my darling granddaughter, Molly.  “The sun was beating down and I noticed how cool it was under the roof, and the fans helped a lot too.  I thought to myself, wow, it’s not only cool under here, but if it rained, I would still be dry.” Out of the blue, I swung Molly up in my arms and said “Baby girl, I bet we could build a roof like this over our farmer’s market in in Gopherville.”  I could hardly wait to get home and make it happen.”

The pavilion and new stalls were funded by our city taxes, and through a special fund-raising effort from Gopherville’s 2nd graders who sold their ceramic artwork to family members and friends. Thank you Ms. Dribble’s class who contributed $152.11 to the Market fund.



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