ADVERTISEMENT: The Perfect Gift for the Voter in your Life


Mrs. Handy has the perfect gift for that crazy person in your life who’s planning to vote in the upcoming elections.

The Trump giftbag includes (1) a mirror encased in a royal blue background and an engraved gold crown at the top; (2) a scrapbook titled Great…Really Great where the recipient can cut in photos of him/herself with Trump, e.g. with Trump’s arm around his or her shoulder, and caption the photo as desired (e.g. “you’re not fired!” or “handpicked by Trump”; and (3) a baggie of Legos that can be used to create a wall, towering hotel, or the White House, and includes a large plug-in  lighted  “Trump” sign that glows at night.

Mrs. Handy also has a selection of Hillary earrings  featuring the candidat, and t-shirts featuring her head saying “Email sucks,”  “Why do I want to be president again?” and “I meant to say basket of f***ing racist a**holes.”

Gifts available at Mrs. Handy’s Handicrafts stall inside the Farmer’s Market.





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