Mrs. Handy has the perfect gift for that crazy person in your life who’s planning to vote in the upcoming elections.

The Trump giftbag includes (1) a mirror encased in a royal blue background and an engraved gold crown at the top; (2) a scrapbook titled Great…Really Great where the recipient can cut in photos of him/herself with Trump, e.g. with Trump’s arm around his or her shoulder, and caption the photo as desired (e.g. “you’re not fired!” or “handpicked by Trump”; and (3) a baggie of Legos that can be used to create a wall, towering hotel, or the White House, and includes a large plug-in  lighted  “Trump” sign that glows at night.

Mrs. Handy also has a selection of Hillary earrings  featuring the candidat, and t-shirts featuring her head saying “Email sucks,”  “Why do I want to be president again?” and “I meant to say basket of f***ing racist a**holes.”

Gifts available at Mrs. Handy’s Handicrafts stall inside the Farmer’s Market.





ADVERTISEMENT: The Perfect Gift for the Voter in your Life


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