Ask Amy

ASK AMY: Lunchtime Dilemma

Dear Amy,

Monday lunches with my colleagues at my law firm are becoming unbearable.  None of the attorneys can ever reach a decision on where to go, saying things like, for example,  “Applebee’s has a well-established precedent of serving stale onion rings”or “Taco Bell discriminates in supplying sporks. I want to eat my taco salad with a spork, but they only provide one with the refried beans– let me provide a 3-pronged analysis as to why this is wrong…” It goes on and on! What should do?

-Longing for Lunch

Dear Longing,

I see a couple of options.  Just say which restaurant you’re going to and then say “So ordered!” Likely they will cave.  Alternatively, since no one can  bill for lunch arguments. you can skip lunch to  become the firm’s top biller while your colleagues wallow in indecision.

Good luck!




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